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– June 5 - June 28 –

– Wednesday Night Drawing Group –

Reception: Friday, June 14, 2019 at 5:30pm

The Art Expressions of San Joaquin Wednesday Night Drawing Group, or (WND) Group is a loose knit collection of local artist who wish to hone their drafting and illustration skills. To help facilitate this, the group primarily focuses on live-model- portraiture-drawing. Formed in 2016, WND is mentored by international artist Robert Kelley and is hosted by Art Expressions of San Joaquin.

Initially, starting out as small group of friends, WND has grown considerably. And, as such, the weekly sessions are as much an informal social gathering as
they are a learning experience of draftsmanship. Furthermore, The WND Group consists of people from all walks of life, from a whole host of occupations, from students, to professionals, to retirees. Likewise, the attendees’ skill sets also range from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced. Although, most artists choose to use charcoal during the drawing sessions, a wide range of mediums are also used, such as graphite, soft pastels, Conté Crayons, etc.

Additionally, WND has had a wide variety of models throughout its existence. Again, from all walks of life, from the homeless, to everyday citizens, influencers, business owners, to local politicians. WND is always looking for people to model. Models receive drawings of themselves from there sittings. The Wednesday Night Drawing Group meets every Wednesday @ 6pm at The 1st. Presbyterian Church (31 E. Vine St. Stockton, Ca.) All are encouraged to attend. (18 and over, please.) If interested in modeling or drawing, contact (Bob Austin 209.808.3880) or (Jon Quinones 209.406.2544.)

Artists please bring your own gear.

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– Price Table –

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  • Chai Latte $3.25
  • Add Chot $1.00
  • Cold Brew On Tap $3.25
  • Hot & Cold Tea $2/2.50
  • Colombia Oliverio $3.15
  • Ethiopia Suke Outo $3.05
  • Kenya KII $3.50

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